Whether you are looking for winch trucks, hydro excavators,
frac tanks or kill trucks; you won’t regret enlisting our services.
Stone Oilfield Service has everything you need for your oilfield needs!
• Kill Trucks

• Hot Oilers

• Hydro Excavators
• Vacuum Trucks

• Winch Trucks
• Fresh & Brine Water Hauling
We provide water hauling services to oil and gas companies. We have a well’ trained and experienced team to handle all forms of vacuum trucks and equipment.
• KCL & Fresh Water
Transporting waste fluids has never been easier. Let our highly trained technicians assist on your worksite using top quality vehicles and equipment for the most efficient workflow.
• 10K Kill Trucks
Work safely and efficiently while we provide state of the art equipment to take pressure off your well.
• Flowback
Flowback requires highly specialized equipment that meets production testing and backflow requirements.
• Pit Filling
Excavation has never been easier. We have the equipment you need to build and maintain an efficient jobsite.
• Rigs & Tanks Clean Out
Our equipment cleaning services assist in improved operation and are carefully preformed by trained professionals.
• Hot Oiling Schedule Program
Keep your well flowing smoothly. We specialize in dissolving and dislodging paraffin deposits from your well.
• Environmental Shields
Safety is our priority. We offer protection for personnel, equipment, flare decks, wind and weather.
• Acidizing
There are different acids used to perform an acid job on wells. The acidizing process improves well productivity to achieve dissolving the material. Contact us today to schedule this specialized service for your job site.


Yellow and red frac truck
We have multiple frac tanks available to provide liquid and solid storage for your oilfield worksite.
Gas busters will separate and remove free or entrained gas from circulated fluids.
Acid trucks safely transport and store a wide range of corrosive liquids.
Poly acid tanks are used to safely store and transport acids from your jobsite.